A focus on the delivery of commercial value

Community & Environment


A culture of social consciousness

The principles of risk management and continuous improvement are fundamental to the way we conduct our business. We have a genuine concern for the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees, contractors and visitors.

We believe that all injuries can be prevented and the responsibility to ensure that injuries are avoided starts with each one of us. Each employee has a personal responsibility to comply with our policies and is empowered to act if they see any possible causes of harm.


We work beyond compliance and foster a culture of social consciousness in the communities in which we operate.

We value the positive relationships we’ve built over the decades of operation and have a history of supporting the local communities in which we operate including some for over 40 years.

Long standing events include the Denison Bowling Club Annual Carnival; the annual Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival and a host of children’s charities and junior and senior sporting teams in the areas we operate, the most remote being the Daru junior rugby team in Papua New Guinea.