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A complete range of marine services for any vessel type



In-house trades and equipment all under the one roof.

Kailis Marine carries an extensive range of tools and equipment for in-house vessel repairs, maintenance, re-fits and conversions. We also have fully equipped cranes on-site to remove material from vessels.

Australian standards

All on-site equipment is maintained to Australian standards and any additional specialised equipment or service providers can be easily accessed from within the greater Fremantle area.

Our equipment includes:

  • 20T slewing crane
  • 10T BHP mobile crane
  • 400-CFM compressors
  • 60T press brake
  • milling machine
  • lathes (3)
  • radial arm drill
  • cropper
  • horizontal band saw
  • fork lifts
  • scissors lifts.

Our quality assurance ensures all equipment is safe and well maintained.

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