Alex Kailis

Director Operations

Alex has held various operational, management and Group level positions across the seafood and marine businesses of the MG Kailis Group playing a leading role in its development for over thirty years.

Alex joined the company at a young age, spending school and university holidays working in the MG Kailis Group’s engineering, lobster, prawning and pearling operations.  In 1987, Alex took on a permanent company position as Operations Manager in the MG Kailis Lobster business.

Alex went on to hold various positions including with KG Palmer & Associates providing marketing services to major fishing companies.  Alex later played a leading role in converting KG Palmer and Associates from a consultancy to a profitable trading company.  This was later absorbed into the MG Kailis Group providing the foundation for the Group’s current Seafood Trading Division.

In 2001, Alex was appointed the Managing Director of the MG Kailis Group.  Leading and managing change, he developed various initiatives to identify and measure economic performance, as well as sustainable production models.  Alex drove significant change in the Group’s Pearling Division including strategic marketing initiatives, the branding of individual ‘loose’ pearls, and then transforming jewellery manufacture and design into the Kailis Australian Pearls brand.

Alex has been integral to the strategy of the MG Kailis Group over the past twenty years including the transition of what was an internal engineering business unit primarily servicing the Group’s own vessels to a dynamic and customer focussed Division servicing external clients in the fishing industry, off shore vessels, ferries, barges and other commercial vessels under the Kailis Marine banner.  Kailis Marine also undertakes specialised marine work including harbour cleaning, pre-dredge weed removal from shipping channels to prepare for dredging and catching of prawn brood stock for Australian prawn farmers.

In 2010 Alex decided to step down as Managing Director of the MG Kailis Group, and in 2015 assumed the role of Director Group Operations responsible for the Group’s Seafood and Marine businesses.

Alex’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of Western Australia and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program (AMP173).